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10 Types of Piggy Banks for Adults (with FAQs)

We’ve all heard a few words from parents and other adults about saving money. The problem is that saving money is hard. Especially when online stores and subscription boxes are overflowing. But as an adult, financial freedom is very important. One of the main reasons people start saving is to prepare financially for unforeseen emergencies.

The sooner you start budgeting and saving, the sooner you can break bad money habits and become financially independent. Whether you’re planning an early retirement or a luxury vacation, saving money now can help you reach your goals much faster.

Enjoying the savings and seeing the money pile up motivates me to keep going. Invest in an adult piggy bank to make saving fun. Piggy banks are important not only for children but also for adults. As you grow up, you’ll earn more money than you did in college, so you’ll have more reasons to save money with these unique Piggy Banks for adults. No matter your age, there are many adult piggy banks that can help you out.

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10 Cool Piggy Banks for Adults

Following is the list of some cool piggy banks for adults:

Electronic Piggy Bank for Adults with a Lock

Looking for something simple with a passcode lock?

These electronic ATM piggy banks for kids and adults keep your money safe and are available in a variety of colors and styles when you browse your selection. Not only is this safe and great for adults, but kids can save money too. Coin Bank is password protected with a 4-digit PIN.

Owning one of these electronic piggy banks can teach both adults and children the importance of saving money and keeping it safe.

Types of Piggy banks
Types of Piggy banks

Globe Piggy Bank

With such a special globe, it’s never too early to start saving for your dream vacation!

If you want to save money to go on a special cruise or vacation, this globe piggy bank will help you get there. The bank has two access points and can store both cash and coins. Every time you deposit or withdraw money from the bank, you can look at the country or island you want to travel to and use it as motivation to get to your destination.

Electronic Safe Money Box with Lock

Storing your money in a sturdy safe like this is a great idea.

It can protect you from overspending and from people trying to “steal” your hard-earned money. This safe is sturdy and secure. It has a keypad that can be easily programmed with security combinations. Easy to install, you can mount it on the wall or hide it where no one can find it.

Plastic Digital Piggy Bank with Counter

This adult plastic money-counting piggy bank is so cute.

It’s also a great way to keep track of the money you’re saving. It’s translucent, so you can see the money you’ve saved inside. Plus, with a digital coin counter, this unique piggy bank keeps track of every coin you collect. Just seeing how much money you’ve saved so far motivates you to keep going until you reach your savings goal.

Types of Piggy Banks
Types of Piggy Banks

Create Fun with These Fund Jars

Need money for a specific category?

A dedicated fund jar like this one may be ideal for you.

You can find fund jars on shopping sites like Amazon for Education funds, vacations, honeymoons, date nights, and more.

Having an individual piggy bank for a specific reason will encourage and motivate you to save your money for that special event. Every time you put money in the jar or take some out, the label on the front will remind you why you are saving money. Just that little reminder will help you stay focused on why you’re doing it. Plus, it’s a fun way to stay focused on something you’re working hard to save up for.

Jumbo Coca-Cola Coin Bank Jar

If you have big plans and need to save a lot of money, grab this large Coca-Cola piggy bank.

A large piggy bank can help you save a lot of money over a long period of time, and it will be fun to watch those coins and cash pile up.

For any cola fan out there, this classic bottle piggy bank is the perfect piggy bank for you. It can be placed in a closet or opening. When you put away your bag at night, you can toss your change into the bottle. What a cool and refreshing way for adults to save extra money!

Types of Piggy banks
Types of Piggy banks

Jumbo Digital Coin Counter Bank

A Jumbo piggy bank like this special digital jar is a great way to save money for adults.

Like the digital counter piggy bank previously mentioned, this jumbo jar with a coin counter lets you watch your savings stack up. All US coins are required, and the coin counter will show the amount you have saved.

Cash is also required, and the counter can be customized to accommodate it. Seeing your savings accumulate over the months and years keeps you motivated and excited to satisfy that bad boy!

Large Acrylic Saving Money Jar for Coin Cash Bills

If you’re looking for a simple container to hold your money, this acrylic coin bank is for you.

The design of this piggy bank is simple but elegant and modern. If you like the minimalist and clean look of this, he recommends adding one to your online shopping cart.

The acrylic piggy bank holds cash and up to 3,000 coins. Just like other translucent piggy banks, this coin bank allows you to see how much money you have saved.

Adventure Travel Fund Piggy Bank

Excited to save money for your adventure? You might be tempted to save up for a solo trip.

This adventure fund case is a great piggy bank for you. It reminds me of all the places you can go if you save money. Put money now so you can go on adventures later.

Types of Piggy Banks
Types of Piggy Banks

Police Car Piggy Bank

Bring out your inner child with this car bench.

While you can buy and use this piggy bank as an adult (why?), this is another perfect piggy bank gift idea for boys!

There is a large trunk in the back of the car so you can store all your cash and change. This bank comes with a set of building blocks so you can save money while playing. A cool feature is that this interactive car piggy bank requires a password and fingerprint to withdraw funds. After going through security protocols, audio will play and explain how to retrieve your funds. Pretty cool, right?


After reading this list of piggy banks, you may be wondering if adults can or should use piggy banks.

Finally, some might think that piggy banks are only for children. But that is not true at all. Many adults in their sixties rely on piggy banks to increase their savings.

In fact, I highly recommend using a piggy bank if you think it will help you reach your savings goals. Ally Bank research also shows a direct link between savings and well-being for adults 25 and older. So, if just investing in a piggy bank can motivate you and keep your savings on track and you’ll be happy, buying a piggy bank is worth it.

In short, the answer is yes. Of course, adults like you can buy and use piggy banks to increase their savings. There are more and more reasons to save it. As an adult, using a piggy bank can bring a sense of childhood nostalgia and save money in a fun and happy way.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Can adults use Piggy bank?

In short, the answer is yes. Of course, adults like you can buy and use piggy banks to increase their savings. There are more and more reasons to save it. As an adult, using a piggy bank can bring a sense of childhood nostalgia and save money in a fun and happy way.

Which piggy bank is suitable for adults?

Adults can choose any kind of piggy bank based on their requirements, saving amounts, and interest of the piggy bank.

Can adults use children’s piggy bank for savings?

Yes, they can. If the size of the piggy bank is large enough to store the savings, then they can use any kind of children’s piggy bank.

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