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Top 5 Types of Real Property? (with FAQs)

For real estate investors, real estate is more than a house or land. Legally, it can be defined in many different terms. But the concept is universal. Real estate investors need to understand real estate, real property, and land legal terminology.

Well, keep scrolling to know about what land, real property, and real estate are.

What is Land?

Land can be defined as infinitely above, from the surface of the earth to the center of the earth. Including everything that comes with it, such as trees and water. The land also includes air rights, surface rights, and subsurface rights (mineral and natural resources such as ores, metals, iron, and oil).

What is Real Estate?

Real Estate can be defined as land with improvements created by human activity on the land such as buildings, Houses, farms, ranches, etc. It also includes natural resources such as minerals, crops, and immovable property. These improvements consist of human activity which is underground such as above water or sewer pipes, earth fences, landscaping, buildings, etc.

What is Real Property?

What is meant by type of property? Real Property is sometimes synonymous with real estate, but can also be defined as a right attached to the property, as property has interests and benefits in ownership of the real estate.

Real Property
Real Property

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What are the five types of real property?

There are many types of real property and real estate investors can benefit from many unique & different perspectives on their investments. Real estate investors can focus on multifamily housing in the residential category. Or put a niche in the commercial category of office space. Real estate investors can also invest in farms, factories, stores, office space, and more. The point is that there are many types of real property that can be used as a base for real estate investment business.

These six types of property are agricultural, residential, commercial, industrial, mixed-use, and special use.

Agricultural Real Property

Agriculture uses land to provide crops and grow animals and plants (trees, orchards, etc.). These types of investments can offer a diverse portfolio that offers many of the same benefits as real estate investing. Investors can buy, sell and lease agricultural properties. Investors can also invest in actual farming businesses, such as buying farms and ranches that produce cattle while farmers and ranchers are in business.

Types of Agricultural Property


A farm is an area used primarily for agriculture, food and crop production, and livestock.


The ranch is similar to the farm and can be synonymous. However, the key difference is that farms produce food and other crops, while ranches produce grazing livestock such as cattle, sheep, etc.


Timberland is a real property that is covered with forest and suitable for timber. There are numerous methods by that an investor can put money into timberland, which include timber Exchange Traded Funds ETFs and REITs or Real Estate Investment Trusts that comprise timberland-associated products. And the investor can buy the land related to the timber and promote the timber.

Residential Property

Another sort of real property will encompass houses there are exclusive forms of houses, present-day farmhouse fashion, cape cod fashion, ranch style domestic design, single-family houses, and multi-family houses, amongst different dwelling spaces.

These homes withinside the residential class particularly deal with multifamily housing and single-family housing in the city, suburban, and additionally rural regions. People are pushed to buy real property via the residential class, in that many try for homeownership.

Home Ownership

Homeownership, to many, brings economic stability, and lots of trust that it is an asset that consists of a lengthy-time period of investment. However, Robert Kiyosaki and his Rich Dad Poor Dad collection advise that a home is an asset if it places cash in your pocket, and it is a liability if it does take cash from your pocket. In different words, your home isn’t an asset but a legal responsibility until you’ve got some adequate cash flow from the real property.

There are advantages and downsides of homeownership, however, something the selection you make, be positive that if any debt is taken out, learn the way the loan enterprise works, and observe how you could use a HELOC to repay the house faster; thus, saving hundreds of thousands as an interest.

Types of Residential Property

Single-family Homes

Single-family homes include attached or detached homes. For example, townhouses. Single-family homes are possibly the maximum extensively used and famous housing kinds for real properties.

Apartment Building

Apartment buildings or multifamily units permit many crowded regions to gain housing for human beings. These homes are typically placed in city regions and suburban regions. It might be uncommon to look at something that resembles an apartment constructed in a rural area. These homes might also gain safety, a clubhouse, a parking lot, a swimming pool, a health club, and a golfing course. Many buyers love multifamily units due to their obstacles to risk, loss of competition, and simplicity of control. But a bigger capital is typically wanted for those kinds of real property investments.


The condominium is similar to an apartment construction except for ownership. Where an apartment construction is owned through one enterprise or owner. Condos can be owned individually. These condominiums can have a homeownership association (HOA) or management responsibility for the overall protection of the construction. The condominiums are just like apartment homes in that it shares common elements, e.g., elevators, a safety system, a tennis court, a swimming pool, and different amenities.


A cooperative is a completely unique sort of homeownership in that once an investor purchases a property; you emerge as a shareholder in a business enterprise that owns the actual assets. Each shareholder is entitled to occupy one housing unit in line with the shareholder agreement. It is a pooling of cooperative individuals that profits from its advantages withinside the shopping for strength through decreasing the price of individuals’ offerings and protection.

Manufactured Housing

Manufactured houses or factory-constructed houses are constructed totally from the factory, brought to the site, and installed. These houses are constructed under supervision and administered through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Prior to June 15, 1976, those varieties of houses have been referred to as mobile houses. These houses may be fairly low fee because of their assembly-line-type construction from its factories, and the more recent styles are appealing to buyers.

Commercial Property

Commercial property is another form of real property. Commercial property will consist of property that incorporates commercial enterprise, e.g., workplace spaces, buying facilities, malls, stores, and amusement centers. Also, hotels, motels, and even parking centers are different varieties of commercial property.

Types of Commercial Property

Business Property

The business property might also additionally consist of any real property owned through a business entity. It is to be noted that the business property may refer to the dwellings & activity of an actual business. For instance, a store that has a garage is taken into consideration as business property.

Office Space

The office space is a property that has a place that lets business activity to take place. Regus is a company that rents out workplace areas to small corporations or to folks that do not want to lease out workplace areas on a complete-time commitment.

Shopping Centers

Shopping facilities are real property that in large part deals with retail. Many traders searching for out REITs that are buying malls/facilities investments.


The retail marketplace is any other funding vicinity that can increase an investor’s portfolio.


Entertainment, which includes theaters and film complexes. This is any other opportunity funding that investors overlook.


Hotels are brilliant real properties, and plenty of real estate investors subsequently make investments withinside the business of hotels when they increase their real estate portfolio.

Industrial Property

Industrial is any other form of real property that obtains homes which includes warehouses, power plants, and factories. For many traders, the industrial sector is the least pointed out and targeted real property to make investments in. However, making an investment in industrial real estate ought to now no longer be ignored by the investor.

Types of Industrial Property


A warehouse is a facility where goods and resources are stored. But these warehouses don’t just store goods and keep them there for long periods of time. Many department stores are open. Wholesalers, importers, exporters, etc. all use warehouses to keep products and goods flowing to their customers. Investors should consider potential equity investment opportunities.


Factories are also production sites and consist of buildings, machinery and facilities where goods are manufactured in complex and systematic processes. As an aside, factories began during the Industrial Revolution when many goods could not keep up with the supply and demand of small workshops. But factories are also an investment that is often overlooked. Sometimes the biggest investments go unnoticed because people aren’t looking for them.

Power Plants

Power plants generate our electricity. With the growth and pursuit of more and more green energy. Innovation has allowed us to make compelling and potentially game-changing investments.


A mixed-use property is a type of property where the property has multiple uses. This means, for example, having commercial and residential properties on the same site.

Special Purpose

A special purpose property is a type of property that is usually publicly owned. Religious institutions, government buildings, parks, schools, libraries, and cemeteries.

Final Remarks

Real estate investors have several sectors to choose from to expand their investment portfolio. This article showed six types of real property namely:

agricultural, residential, commercial, industrial, mixed-use, and special-purpose properties. With creativity and research, most people have an investment niche to their liking.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Real Property vs Real Estate

Real property includes both physical objects & common law rights. Whereas real estate includes only physical objects.

What is an example of real property?

Real property refers to land and any belongings that are at once connected to it, inclusive of any subset of land which has been modified via way of means of valid human acts. Examples of real property are Ponds, reservoirs, roads, buildings, canals, and machinery.

What are the 4 types of real estate?

  • Land.
  • Residential.
  • Commercial.
  • Industrial.

What is the difference between property and real property?

Essentially, personal property is whatever you could flow and is subject to ownership (besides land). On the other hand, the Real property can’t be moved and is whatever this is connected to the land.

What are two types of property?

It may be of wide types – tangible and intangible. Tangible can encompass car vehicles, commercial equipment, furniture, and actual property. Intangible describes one’s property which has current or some potential values but doesn’t have any intrinsic values.

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