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What is Sweatcoin and Does It Give You Real Money? (With FAQs)

Would you like to earn coins while sweating? Sweatcoin is not real currency, but it is not without value.

It is often difficult to walk or run outside. Fatigue, lack of motivation, weather, and many other factors affect how often you exercise. Sometimes these factors prevent us from exercising at all.

But what if there was an app that paid you to exercise? That’s what Sweatcoin claims, but is it true? Let’s talk about Sweatcoin, how it works and whether you can actually make money with it.

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What Is Sweatcoin?

Sweatcoin is a free-to-install smartphone app available for Android, Windows, and iOS. This app tracks your daily steps just like any other tracking stepping app you can install.

Sweatcoin can connect to Google Fit, Apple Fit, or similar default fitness apps to track your daily steps. It can be used outdoors for walking, running, and on a treadmill, so it can be used in any situation.

However, constantly tracking your steps like this can drain your battery faster than not using the app. This can be a problem if you’re on the go and don’t have a portable charger with you, so keep that in mind.


Before you install the app and get started, please also note that you cannot earn a lot of money from Sweatcoin. Of course, being rewarded for walking and running is all-around great, but the rewards are still pretty small.

Earn a portion of Sweatcoin for every step you take. It takes 1,000 steps to earn Sweatcoins. If you’re a particularly active person, you can earn 10+ Sweatcoins every day and hundreds of Sweatcoins every month. This app offers a marketplace and an auction section. You can also donate your Sweatcoin to a fixed list of charities, but more on these later. Finally, you can also exchange your Sweatcoin for Bitcoin.

In addition, you can connect with friends, follow users and gain your own followers on the app. The standard version of the app is free, but there is also a premium version for $4.99/month. This version allows you to earn twice the Sweatcoins per step and access premium features. But paying regularly is only worth it if you walk/run a lot.

With all these options, it’s easy to guess that you can convert Sweatcoin to cash or that it’s a digital currency. So, what exactly is Sweatcoin? Is it just a token currency that represents fiat currency, or is it something else entirely?

Is Sweatcoin Legit?

So, the Sweatcoin app is not a scam and what you get is worth it. However, Sweatcoin is not as valuable as the US dollar. Currently, Sweatcoin is worth around $0.05, but this number is subject to change.

The items and services you can purchase with Sweatcoin will vary by location, but there should be plenty of options to choose from. For example, you can get subscription boxes for beauty products, headphones, and snacks. If you’re looking for discounts on services, you can get discounts on fitness memberships or online education courses.

Sweatcoin also offers Amazon and PayPal vouchers that can be used to purchase any product at a discounted price. Some offers offer significant discounts when you spend a certain amount on certain websites.

Use your Sweatcoin in app auctions to bid on large items such as gift cards, smart watches, and game consoles worth hundreds of dollars. It works like a traditional auction, where you bid on your Sweatcoin until you win the auction item, and when you lose, you get your Sweatcoin back. But remember that these big prizes usually have very high bids. Make sure you have a large amount of Sweatcoin in your wallet before entering.

The same applies to purchasing products using Sweatcoin. As already explained, it needs to walk 1,000 steps to earn Sweatcoins. A $20 Amazon gift card currently costs 8,000 Sweatcoins, so you’d have to walk quite a distance to bring this product to market. But other products, especially free beauty products and subscription discounts, are much cheaper.

Offers typically start at around 5 Sweatcoins, but these are often meant to be discounts rather than physical products. The Sweatcoin donation section sets an overall goal where you can donate as many Sweatcoins as you like. After all, moving for those in need is truly a win-win situation!

But what if you’re not interested in Sweatcoin’s marketplace or donation options and want to convert your payment to fiat currency? Unfortunately, Sweatcoin does not currently offer withdrawal options. Of course, you can use the Amazon or PayPal coupons in the app to buy products, but you can’t deposit money into your bank account.

Also, Sweatcoin is not a digital currency like Bitcoin or Ethereum and cannot be used for any other purpose. However, the company claims that its ultimate goal is to make Sweatcoin a full-fledged digital currency that can be bought and sold on exchanges. Only time will tell if this bears fruit.

Sweatcoin is Legitimate, but It’s Not for Everyone

So Sweatcoin is not a scam and you can get products for free or at a discount by tracking your steps. However, the app still has limitations in terms of what you can buy and where, so if you’re looking for real money, you’ll be disappointed.

If you’re an avid hiker, runner, or just want to exercise, Sweatcoin is a great option. However, be aware of the current shortcomings so as not to disappoint.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sweatcoin Legit or fake?

Sweatcoin is an easy-to-use digital currency that requires no initial investment to get started. Therefore, users do not have to make any up-front investments that might make them wonder if Sweatcoin is legal.

How to download the Sweatcoin app?

Just click on the link & download the Sweatcoin application on Android or iOS smartphones & Tablets.

Is Sweatcoin real cryptocurrency?

No, at least not yet. Sweatcoins are simple digital currencies offered within the application.

How can I view my Sweatcoin?

All of these transactions can be viewed through the Sweatcoin app. It’s free for both iOS and Android, but you can also use Sweatcoin to upgrade to another subscription level.

How many Sweatcoin can you Earn in a day on Sweatcoin?

5 SWCs per month to reach the Shaker level where you can earn 10 Sweatcoins per day. The next level of membership is Quaker, which costs 20 SWC per month and allows 15 SWC per day. Finally, a breaker membership costs 30 SWC per month and can be used up to 20 SWC per day.

How to cash out Sweatcoin?

Unfortunately, Sweatcoin does not currently offer withdrawal options. Of course, you can use the Amazon or PayPal coupons in the app to buy products, but you can’t deposit money into your bank account.

How can Sweatcoin make money?

Sweatcoin generates revenue through brand partners who pay to be listed in the app’s marketplace section. We also make money from the ads that appear in our apps.

How much is a Sweatcoin worth?

Dividing $1,000 by 20,000 Sweatcoins means that each Sweatcoin is worth approximately $0.05.

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