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12 Companies That Offer Free Products For Review

The fact that you can evaluate products for free sounds too good to be true, but rest assured it’s completely legal. That said, figuring out how to get companies to send you products for review is a great way to get free items delivered to your door.

Product for Review
Product for Review

Whether you’re looking for free personal care products, pet, and baby care products, food and beverages, or even consumer electronics, there are many companies that offer free products for review at home.

All you have to do in return is give your honest opinion about the product. You can also keep the item after reviewing it. As a bonus, submitting a review will allow you to review free products as many times as you like.

To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of the best companies to get free products to review.

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How To Get Free Products For Review

1. Daily Goodie Box is offering products for review

The Daily Goodie Box is often the first answer for those looking for free products to review from companies. That’s because they send you a free box of patterns – some even full-size!

And all you have to do is give your honest opinion about the item you received. These free products include household items, snacks, beauty products, nutritional supplements, and more.

You can also interact with the Daily Goodie Box on various social media profiles. They often review their comments and randomly hand out boxes to people who comment. That means more chances of getting free stuff!

2. Try Products is offering products for review

Try Products is a great option if you want to try out the company’s products for free. As the name suggests, you can do a free product test at home to verify the items you received.

The range of free items available here is comparable to other companies that offer free items on this list, such as cleaning products, vitamins, other bathroom products, and various groceries (including free chocolates!). It’s pretty similar…but the nice thing about Try Products is that you often get the full-size product. No sample size is smaller than this.

Try Products is actually a sister company to the aforementioned Daily Goodie Box and is one of the favorite companies that offer the chance to try their products for free. This means that while Try Products is one of the newer sites on this list, it’s backed by a site with a solid reputation in the space.

3. Survey Junkie is offering products for review

Survey Junkie, one of the world’s most popular websites that pay people to fill out surveys, uses it to get free products from companies to solicit reviews. Did you know that you can also get free products to review from the company?

Simply create a profile and get instant access to a list of products you can try, surveys to make money, and other ways to make money through Survey Junkie’s platform.

4. Ibotta is offering products for review

Ibotta is known for its amazing cashback offers for what you’ve probably already purchased. That means you can make money with groceries, clothing, medicines, and even alcohol with thousands of participating retailers, both online and in stores.

You can also get great deals from companies that offer free products. They usually just refund the full amount of the purchased item. All you need is to send a photo of your receipt.

5. Books Product Testing is offering products for review

Brooks Running prides itself on the quality of its product line. One way it ensures this is by having people test it “in the wild”. You can test your shoes and sports apparel before they hit the market and get your shoes for free by signing up for the Brooks Product Testing Program.

You’ll often be asked to return it after a certain amount of time, but if you’re looking for a way to get companies to send you clothes for free even if you can’t keep them forever, Brooks really has a great opportunity to get your hands on them.

6. Sample Hawk is offering products for review

Sample Hawk is dedicated to getting companies to send their products for review free of charge. Most of them are sample sizes, but the occasional full-size item strikes gold.

Sample Hawk does not ship products directly. Instead, it’s more of a pattern aggregator that provides a one-stop shop where you can find a wide variety of product review sites that match.

Here’s how it works: When you sign up for Sample Hawk, you’ll be asked to answer a few questions about yourself. This allows companies to match you with the right product based on whom they’re looking for.

From there, you’ll be directed to different companies that offer free products to review, saving you a lot of time than visiting each site to see if you’re eligible.

7. Pinch Me is offering products for review

PinchMe is another great site to sign up for if you want companies to send you products for review. Simply create a profile to access a range of free review products that you can claim monthly. Providing feedback earns you “coins” that can be redeemed for rewards.

The nice thing about PinchMe is that you can actually see the samples available before signing up. This includes products like pet food and accessories, personal care products like moisturizers and shampoos, skin products, and even products like Haribo candy.

8. Product Testing USA is offering products for review

Product Testing USA does exactly what its name suggests. That is, send members all sorts of free stuff for testing.

When it comes to paid work-from-home product testing jobs this is one of the broadest you can get Which means you may have the opportunity to try products such as cosmetics, toiletries, electronics, fashion, and beauty accessories for free.

And Product Test USA is legit in what it entails. Just create a Free profile on the website and you’ll instantly see a list of product tester offers to apply for. If you win, you can keep the product for free just by writing a review when you receive the product!

9. BzzAgent is offering products for review

BzzAgent aims to match you with free review products that people might be interested in by answering a series of questions about yourself.

We put a little more emphasis on social media here than other companies that offer free product testing at home. However, rather than just stating an opinion, you’re often asked to upload your opinion as a social media post, and images also play a big part in your rating.

Remember, they’re looking for an intelligent product checker, not just one that offers two general sentences. The smarter you leave a review, the more likely they send a free product to review again.

So if you want companies to send you products for review on Instagram, BzzAgent might be just what you need.

10. The Pink Panel is offering products for review

The Pink Panel is primarily looking for women to test and review cosmetics, skin care, hair care and body care items. So, if you’d like to get free product reviews that include any of these product types, check this out.

The good news is that you can usually keep the products you test. Also, for completing product reviews, typically starting at $25, you can receive rewards including $100 gift certificates and beauty products.

In most cases, you must be in the United States to qualify, but be aware that there are occasional offers for those based in Canada.

11. She Speaks is offering products for review

Aimed at women, SheSpeaks offers the opportunity to send their products for review in exchange for their opinions on their products.

That said, the products they are paid to test are very diverse and not “woman-specific”, from groceries to her DVDs to kids’ toys to dogs From snacks to home appliances, you’ll find everything.

The community is also very active and participants are encouraged to participate in social media and discussion forums on all kinds of topics. This means that not only is this a great opportunity to win giveaways, but you’ll also get the chance to participate in other events.

12. Home Tester Club is offering products for review

The Home Tester Club offers a variety of ways for companies to send their products for review. When creating your profile, they will ask you to answer a few questions about yourself, and based on that, they will decide which products they think would be best for you.

What sets Home Tester Club apart from other companies offering free items for review is that they are available in a wide variety of countries. These include Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, France, India, USA, UK, etc.

Not only does he have the opportunity to try out free products, but he also hosts contests on his website at least once a month. We also have giveaways on social media so we encourage you to follow us on social media.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Why Would A Company Pay You To Test Products?

Consumer opinion is very valuable. It is difficult to get consumers to join panels or even get their opinions on some issues for free.

Therefore, companies create incentives for panels and forums so that they can receive honest feedback from real consumers. They get the data they need to conduct market research to improve their business and products for their communities.

Why Would You Want to Get Paid to Test Products?

First of all, most are paid to test products from the comfort of their own home.

This means you have the comfort and convenience of testing real products from the comfort of your own home while making extra money. Moreover, there are times when you just want a little extra money, so product testing is perfect!

How to Get Paid to Test Products

In most cases, the first step is to register on the company’s website. From here you can get more information about the registration process and how to pay to try the product.

During registration, you provide basic profile information such as age and demographics. Please fill it out correctly so that you only receive relevant product reviews that are of interest to you. There are countless well-known brands that offer the opportunity to test their products.

How to get free products to review from companies?

The Daily Goodie Box is often the first answer for those looking for free products to review from companies. Because they will send you a free patterned box – some are full size! And all you have to do is give an honest opinion about the item you received.

Is Try Products legit?

Try Products is a legit site to deliver free product to review. In particular, reviews of trial products available online have been almost universally positive, with many noting that they have received numerous free trial products through the platform. They even said they received it within days.

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